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    The Complete Pratt (eBook)

    From the creator of Reggie Perrin and reissued behind the paperback of Pratt à Manger - the first three novels about the life and times of Henry Pratt...The Complete Pratt compiles the first three volumes of the misadventures of Henry Pratt, beginning with a brilliantly funny evocation of a Yorkshire boyhood in Second from Last in the Sack Race; Henry's first job is as a cub reporter on the Thurmarsh Evening Argus, told in Pratt of the Argus, hailed by Sue Townsend as 'very funny'. Finally, in The Cucumber Man, Henry decides to take on a new role and a new challenge - working for the Cucumber Marketing Board in Leeds. Stumbling through the fifties, sixties, seventies and eighties, Henry accumulates marriages and children along the way and The Complete Pratt is a touching and hilarious ride through a divided Britain...

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