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    eBook: The Goldsboro Curve


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    The Goldsboro Curve (eBook)

    "Buck grew up in the hills of southern Ohio at the same time the automobile industry was adapting cars to large engines and big fins. A guy’s car said a lot about him. Most guys had a fast car with loud exhaust and stylish paint. They kept those cars immaculate and tuned up for maximum performance. Buck was no exception when it came to his car. He was different from other guys, though. He got a college education and became a manager in a local automobile-parts manufacturer. He never let bullies shove him around. Bullying was a normal part of growing up in the hills, and most guys tolerated it. But not Buck. He sometimes viciously resisted the bullies, and he was unforgiving. If they got hurt, they deserved it. When he was accused of killing a former bully, he got minimal public support, even though he thought himself the victim. His lawyer warned him to take the situation seriously. He faced an aggressive prosecutor and a good but unpredictable judge. Twists, turns, and sloppy police work jeopardized everything Buck held dear. He prayed truth would prevail."

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