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    The Good Life (eBook)

    This book is about abandoning everyday life and greeting the world and adventure with open arms. With no skills, no prospects, no plans and nowhere really to go except into the wilderness of our dreams we did just that. We had an easy comfortable life in Polperro, England, a life we had worked hard for many years to make. But as we lived this life the realization that it was not what we wanted and the need for adventure grew until in 1998 we left everything behind for the untamed wilds of the Canadian Great White North Being ordinary people with no history in travel, adventure or survival we found themselves in a new world of beauty, wonder and painful discovery. A world full of bears, wolves, caribou and moose, ridiculously cold temperatures, northern lights, majestic mountains, free rivers and endless lonely wildernessThe Book follows our journey not just across Canada and into the unknown but also our journey of self discovery, accepting failure and embracing challenges as we stumble upon the Yukon River, decide to canoe to the mystical golden city of Dawson, survive the winter, build a cabin in the woods, have a child and finally find the life we have always known we have wanted.

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