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    The Inheritance (eBook)

    Daisy knew that someday, somehow, she would pay for wanting what no proper woman wanted…The ravishing Duchess Daisy vowed to save Severn Manor by marrying Nicholas Calloway, a Texas bounty hunter come to claim his family’s ancestral lands. But the moment they met, the slate eyed barbarian took Daisy’s breath away. She proposed a marriage of convenience. But she hadn’t reckoned on flash-fire passion with the savage new duke…Nicholas Calloway came to England to discover the truth about his bastard birth, then sell his inherited estate—with Duchess Daisy’s help. Her price was marriage. He agreed, determined to have her on his own terms–only to find himself hostage to the fiery redhead he couldn’t leave behind…The highly acclaimed bestselling author of Outlaw’s Bride, Joan Johnston brings to life two extraordinary characters—an outrageous duchess and an unlikely duke—in a love story that enchants and enthralls to the very last page.From the Paperback edition.

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