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    The Leader (eBook)

    Great Britain, 1937: Edward VIII will not abdicate. He and his new bride, Wallis Simpson, are preparing for their coronation. Winston Churchill is a prisoner on the Isle of Man. The Prime Minister, Oswald Mosley consults the new Chancellor of Germany, and his close ally, Adolf Hitler on a more 'permanent' solution to the 'Jewish problem'.The secret police have Britain in an iron grip.But one man, James Armstrong , a hero of the Great War, is organising the resistance against the government . While 'the leader' is determined to see him hang, Armstrong, constantly on the run, is every bit as clever and resolute as his enemy.In the tradition of Robert Harris's Fatherland, Guy Walters has writen a compelling, page-turning what-if thriller that imagines a nightmare vision of a Britain that could have been, if history had gone the other way.

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