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    Very Mercenary (eBook)

    From the author of 6 Sick Hipsters comes a razor-sharp, darkly satirical, brilliantly warped new novel about murder, love, torture, art, ninjas, ambition, drugs. . .and everything in between. Leigh Tiller has just been kidnapped. The beautiful, ineffably cool New York socialite is being held by a group of mentally ill terrorists who've demanded millions in ransom from Leigh's wealthy father. There's just one problem: Kip Tiller doesn't want Leigh back. He wants her dead. And he's hired The Serologist--a psychotic, patchwork-scarred hit man--to make sure it happens. Leigh's unlikely savior is Laser Mechanic, the coolly brilliant leader of the guerrilla art collective, Strategic Art Defense. Now, Laser, his team of highly trained artists, and Leigh are on their way to Las Vegas, running from The Serologist and the cops. . .and into a head-on collision with several contract killers--the Gashes, vicious girl bikers, the Black Sultans, adolescent gang-bangers, and the Bisons, a pair of sadistic, meth-addled brothers--looking to make a fast fortune. The outcome will be bloody, brutal, bizarre--and utterly unexpected. . . Praise for Rayo Casablanca and Six Sick Hipsters "Thoroughly amusing and utterly demented." --Owen King, author of We're All In This Together "A wild, poignant, twisted, bitterly funny page turner." --Jason Starr, author of The Follower "A wild ride of a novel." --Jeff Parker, author of Ovenman and The Back of the Line "Mad as a bag of artistic squirrels. With guns. Very brilliant and very original." --Allan Guthrie, author of Savage Night "Anarchy as art, rampaging hitmen, and some serious Daddy Issues fuel Rayo Casablanca's violent, savvy, and propulsive Very Mercenary. Think Andy Warhol meets The Monkey Wrench Gang and you're getting the picture. Casablanca's writing cuts hard, fast, and deep as a buzzsaw. Reader beware: you're going to bleed." --Craig Davidson, author of The Fighter

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