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    eBook: When the Enemy Strikes


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    When the Enemy Strikes (eBook)

    At some point or another every Christian will experience a satanic attack-a willful, determined assault by the Devil for the purpose of harming our spirit, soul, or body. God wants Christians to be under His control, but the Enemy will do his best to destroy everything good in our lives. So the question is not how to avoid satanic attacks, but how to overcome them.Satan is not omnipotent, but he is nonetheless a very powerful adversary. However, God does not leave us to defend ourselves, and He wants us to understand His supernatural and unlimited ability to help us. Dr. Stanley will show readers how to achieve victory by:Identifying the enemyDressing in the full armor of God and standing firm Releasing God's energy, divine power, and protection through prayerSensing the forewarnings of Satan's attacks on finances, family, relationships, or healthSpiritual warfare is fought every day on the battlefield of your mind. The Adversary knows that if he can influence and direct your thinking, it's only a matter of time before you're vulnerable to the allure of sin. Dr. Stanley teaches that to stand against Satan's attacks, you must meditate upon biblical principles and take every thought captive by arming yourself with the sword of the spirit-God's Word.

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