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    eBook: Wicca Cookbook, Second Edition


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    Wicca Cookbook, Second Edition (eBook)

    The spiritual tenets of Wicca are steeped in an inherent reverence for nature and stewardship of the environment. In fact, Wiccan practitioners have been livingand cookinggreen since ancient times. In the decade since the first edition of the The Wicca Cookbook cast its spell over culinary history buffs and adventurous cooks everywhere, many readers have asked ´;What makes a cookbook Wiccan?´ The tenth anniversary edition answers that question and more, bringing fresh dimensions to this heady witches´ brew with new rituals and delicious recipes.More than 100 dishes, many historically authentic, all meticulously researched, emphasize the use of organic ingredients at their seasonal peak and celebrate all the major pagan holidays: enjoy Stuffed Nasturtiums, Goddess Athena Pitas, and Deva Saffron Bread for the Spring Equinox; serve Elder Flower Chicken, Lilith´s Lily Fair Soup, and Wild Woman White Sage Jelly during the Summer Solstice; and Cupid´s Cold Slaw, Imbolc Moon Cookies, and Snowflake Cakes make deligh

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