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    You Can Coach (eBook)

    Product DescriptionWritten by Joel Comiskey, Sam Scaggs, and Ben WongWe've entitled this book "You Can Coach" because we believe that coaching is more about passing on what you've lived and holding others accountable in the process. Coaching doesn't require a higher degree, special talent, unique personality, or a particular spiritual gift. We believe, in fact, that God wants coaching to become a movement. We long to see the day in which every pastor has a coach and in turn is coaching someone else. In this book, you'll hear three coaches who have successfully coached pastors for many years. They will share their history, dreams, principles, and what God is doing through coaching. Our hope is that you'll be both inspired and resourced to continue your own coaching ministry in the years to come.From the PublisherListen to what others are saying:Reader, prayerfully ask not only, "Who shall I coach?" but also pray, "Who will I prepare to coach using this material?" We need a rapid development of coaches for the ever growing harvest. This is the tool to use! (Dr. Ralph W. Neighbour, Jr., Adjunct Professor of Cell Church Ministries, Golden Gate Theological Seminary)"Experiential, practical, and technical. All in one. A masterpiece in its own rights, this book sheds light on the topic of coaching, convincing the reader to embark on this wonderful journey of helping to mature and grow the Body of Christ. I highly recommend it for your reading and practicing" (Robert Michael Lay, Founder and president of Cell Church Ministries in Brazil)."Here is a compelling case for coaching from three world-class coaches who are gifted at releasing extraordinary coaching from anyone who wants the best for the people they serve" (Dr. Joseph Umidi, Founder & President of Lifeforming Leadership Coaching)."Every church leader will benefit from the lessons and examples provided in this book" (Tony and Felicity Dale, authors of The Rabbit and The Elephant and well known pioneers within house church movements world-wide)."You Can Coach is an excellent read on the intentional encouragement of local church leaders from three experienced coaches of coaches" (Bob Moffitt, President of the Harvest Foundation and author of If Jesus Were Mayor)."This is a must-read book for every coach, pastor and cell leader. It is full of helpful insights and practical ideas, and is also easy to read" (Tony Chan, Co-founding Pastor of Shepherd Community Church, Hong Kong)."It is lonely at the top!" Every pastor or marketplace leader needs someone to walk with them, dream with them, listen to them, ask the hard questions, and share their burdens. In short, leaders long for a coach. If you have a heart to be coach, this book will get you started. Wong, Comiskey and Scaggs have been coaching for years and have a desire to multiply the ranks of people who will coach. Come journey with them. You too can coach!" (Darrow L. Miller, Author and Co-Founder, Disciple Nations Alliance)."If God is calling you to invest in the lives of others this book is a must read. Each of their unique perspectives and life experiences work together in the book to help clarify what a coach is, how to best learn from others, and explore several different models of coaching that can be easily put into practice" (Eric Watt is the Sr. Pastor of Greenbrier Church, Chesapeake, VA, the Founder and President of Reaching Unreached Nations and the Founder and CEO of, mPOWR, LLC.).Joel Comiskey is a seasoned coach and internationally recognized consultant. He has written best-selling books on the worldwide cell group movement.Sam Scaggs is a pastor, teacher, author, and missionary. He has planted churches around the world and is an integral part of the worldwide coaching movement.Ben Wong has been instrumental in starting a coaching movement in Asia and South America. He is also the founder of the Cell Church Missions Network (CCMN).

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