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    Zero Belly Diet (eBook)

    Zero Belly Diet is the revolutionary new plan to turn off your fat genes and help keep you lean for life! Nutrition expert David Zinczenkothe New York Times bestselling author of the Abs Diet series, Eat This, Not That! series, and Eat It to Beat It!has spent his entire career learning about belly fatwhere it comes from and what it does to us. And what he knows is this: There is no greater threat to you and your familyto your health, your happiness, even your financial future.Yes, you can: Change your destiny. Overcome your fat genes. Strip away belly fat and finally attain the lean, strong, healthy body you´ve always wanted. With Zero Belly Diet,David Zinczenko reveals explosive new research that explains the mystery of why some of us stay thin, and why some can´t lose weight no matter how hard we try. He explains how some foods turn our fat genes oncausing seemingly irreversible weight gainand uncovers the nine essential power foods that act directly on those switches, turning them to ´;off´ and allowing f

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